A family favorite for the relief of aches and pains.
Edelweiss Anti-aging Skin Treatment
Double the anti-aging power with Helichrysum and Edelweiss. One of our all time best sellers.
Confident Solid Deodorant
Be Confident with this great solid deodorant. Combining the benefits of Bentonite Clay, Magnesium oil, and Spikenard Essential oil amps up the effectiveness of this deodorant solid.
Peppermint Soother
Peppermint is said to have many uses, indulge in a few of them with this convenient roll-on. Great for sore muscles, headaches, stress, allergies or just to smell delicious!
Tea Tree Oil
Tea Tree oil has many uses. Fever reducer, reduce allergies, antiseptic uses, just to name a few.
Bath and Shower Oil
This versatile bath and shower oil is wonderful on your skin. It smells like a fresh breeze and makes skin feel like brand new!
Healing Honey Butter
Organic Coconut Oil is infused with healing Calendula and moisturizing beeswax. I whip the oils until they are creamy and add French Lavender for a light and calming fragrance. This body butter is so creamy and light. A little goes a long way!
Ruffie Bugs Away only
Coconut Lime Whipped Body Butter
This light, fresh coconut smell gives a hint of summer without being overpowering. Lime essential oil has a wonderful citrus smell and blends wonderfully with coconut. I've added beeswax to maintain your skins moisture. You can't beat this fantastic body butter. Lime essential oil is said to have many benefits, one of which really caught my eye, dissolving cellulite!
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I am dedicated to making Pure Essential Oil Deodorants and Body Care Oils with no added chemicals or preservatives. 

Essentially Purely is committed to crafting Pure Essential Oil  products by using only the best and purest ingredients.  We do not use any preservatives or chemicals in our products. Each product is made, at the time it is ordered, to insure freshness and longevity.  We use pure Essential Oils, with Natural and Organic carrier oils.  


Essentially Purely was born to fill my desire for natural products that work.  That smell good and are safe for everyone, including women who have had breast cancer.  My Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer 17 years ago. Thank the Lord, She is cancer free today. After the lump, as well as some lymph nodes were removed, she was advised not to use commercial deodorants.  That raised some serious questions for me.  Why are people who have had their lymph nodes removed, advised not to use commercial deodorants?  I began reading labels and became alarmed at the amount of chemicals in the deodorant.  The search for a natural deodorant began.  I found one that worked really well, however, due to expensive FDA regulations, the company who made the deodorant had to discontinue it.  I purchased as many as I could find, literally about a years worth!  Once I ran out, I spent a lot of money buying natural deodorants to try.  I went through bottle, after bottle, after bottle.  No luck.......


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Essentially Purely

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I Craft all natural and organic body products using pure ingredients and the highest quality essential oils available. No chemicals or Preservatives are ever used.  All Natural, safe for mind and body. 

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