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Important Points to Remember about Natural deodorants. 
  1. Use them immediately: Because natural deodorants do not contain preservatives and other chemicals, they do not have an endless shelf life.  

  2. Reapply as needed: Natural deodorants do not contain the chemicals needed to be considered long lasting. So make sure to carry a purse size to reapply as needed.

  3. Shave your pits:  Natural deodorants work better when the armpit is clean and shaven.  This allows the oils to attach to your skin and not to hair, where bacteria could be trapped and cause you to smell. 

  4. You are what you eat:  Garlic and other foods can change the way you smell, remember that when using natural deodorants.  Reapply as needed!

  5. Use a fresh shirt:  After you put on your deodorant, if you change your shirt, reapply. Trust me, this goes for going shopping and trying on clothes.  Reapply!!! 

  6. Your body needs time to adjust: When changing from commercial deodorants to natural deodorants, it may take a short amount of time for your body to adjust. You may sweat more, and you may not feel as fresh.  Just like if you stop eating sugar, it takes time to get the sugar out of your system.  Once you get over the "hump" then things get better.  Have patience.  One of my clients sweats a lot, she had patience and now loves to use the Natural deodorant. 



Learn from my mistake, feel free to giggle too.  


While visting my sister this past summer, on a very hot day, we went shopping. We spent the morning and into the early afternoon, trying on clothes and driving around to different stores.  By the time we arrived at the mall, we just needed lunch and short rest before any more shopping.  Refreshed, off we went.  In one changing room, I noticed my armpits didn't smell so good.  I was horrified, as I had neglected to bring any deodorant with me.  I got a handkerchief and wiped my armpits, but I knew I had to put something on, I've never been one of those lucky few that don't need deodorant.  I searched my purse, hoping my deodrant would appear. It didn't, but I did find my allergy blend. I thought, the allergy blend should be fine to use.  So, I rolled it onto my armpits and the most extraordinary thing happened. My armpits changed into pits of lava. I was trapped in the changing room, trying not to cry out, while looking desperately around for something to wipe off the oil.  My armpits starting dropping sweat beads, along with tears from my eyes and I started laughing, almost hysterically. There was nothing for me to do, no where for me to go because I didn't have a on shirt, and my arms were frozen outwards to get air to my burning armpits.  I probably started to pray too. After a minute or so, which seemed much longer, the burning stopped and my armpits dried up, they also smelled good again.  In hindsight, I should have thought more about the oils used in the allergy blend, which include cinnamon and lemon oil.  So, note to everyone, don't use any oils on your armpits that are cinnamon or lemon.  




Important Notes: 

  • I am not a doctor or a chemist

  • The Statements in this website have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, mitigate, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

  • Consult your Doctor before starting any new regime

  • Pregnant or lactating women consult your physician

  • Some experts recommend a 2% or 3% dilution of essential oils in a carrier oil.  Some of our products may contain a concentration more or less than the recommended dilution.  By continuing with the purchase you accept your responsibility and accept these terms. 

  • Please note that these products may be sensitizing to some individuals. I strongly recommend that a patch test of any  product be done on the skin before use. 

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