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Organic Coconut Oil is infused with healing Calendula and moisturizing beeswax.  I whip the oils until they are creamy and add French Lavender for a light and calming fragrance.  This body butter is so creamy and light.  A little goes a long way!

Healing Honey Butter

  • Organic Coconut Oil has many benefits.  It is a very good moisturizer, it has healing properties and also offers some sun screen benefits.  This is refined coconut oil so it does not have a coconut smell.  

    Calendula is a flower that is used in first aid creams, it is healing and soothing.  When infused into the coconut oil, it adds a beautiful golden hue to the oil, with a very light earthy fragrance.  

    Beeswax is often used as a natural thickener in lotions and creams.  It is moisturizing and allows the cream to stay on your skin without a greasy feel.  It's like silk on your skin.

    I use French Lavender, the best lavender in the world.  It is a 100% pure therapeutic grade French Lavender Essential oil, with  wonderful floral aroma that is not too over powering.  It is excellent for relaxation and lavender is also very healing to the skin.  It's an excellent treatment for sunburns too.  Lavender is just plain wonderful.  

    As with all of my products, this is chemical free, preservative free and free from artificial colors and artificial perfumes.  It's also Made in the USA. 

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