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This Bath and Shower Oil  softens skin, while adding a lovely light scent.  
Almond oil is very nourishing for your skin, and immediately adds moisture to dry skin. It is quickly absorbed into your skin, leaving your skin soft and supple.  
Rosemary oil is versatile and has many uses, as well as Lavender essential oil, all together this oil is a treat to your skin and senses. I added Geranium Rose Essential oil to add the light scent of roses.

Silver Rose and Lavender Bath & Shower Oil

  • Rosemary is a versatile oil with many uses, some of those include antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and detoxifier.  

    Lavender is such a classic relaxing scent, it also has other uses such as allergies, anxiety, bites/stings, blisters, soothes breasts, burns, calming, concentration, cuts, depression and many more.

    Geranium Rose is a light rose scent that is great to calm, help eliminater body odor, tightens skin and helps eliminate acne, as well as many other benefits.  


    Please  Important Notes regarding this item. 

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